3D and 4D baby scans in Berkshire

Having a baby is the most fulfilling part of family life. The union between a man and a woman would be more profound and solid if their love would bear an offspring. Thus pregnant mothers should be wary and sensitive of their baby’s condition. With the help of modern technology, 3D and 4D baby scans would somehow guarantee their safe delivery.

Yet, most mothers have reservations to undergo 3d and 4d baby scans. Despite the suggestions of most doctors that these pregnancy scans will somehow secure the mother and child’s health during childbirth, many fail to undergo these tests. To convince mothers and fathers to have a 3D and 4D baby scans, here are some key benefits that they might get thru these pregnancy scans.

3D scan of baby show still pictures of your baby in three dimensions. 4D baby scan scans offers moving 3D images of your baby, with time being the fourth dimension.

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With 3D and 4D baby scans, you see your baby's skin rather than her insides. You may see the shape of your baby's mouth and nose, or be able to spot her yawning or sticking her tongue out.

3D and 4D baby scans are just as safe as 2D scans, because the images are made up of sections of two-dimensional images converted into a picture. There’s no evidence to suggest that the scans aren’t safe, and most mums-to-be gain reassurance from them. Nonetheless, any type of ultrasound scan should only be performed by a trained professional.

Bear in mind that 3D and 4D baby scans are more about bonding with your baby than diagnosing problems. The person performing your scan will probably advise you that it's not a medical examination, and they won't be looking for abnormalities.

3D and 4D baby scans may provide more information about a known abnormality. Because these scans can show more detail from different angles, they can help in the diagnosis of cleft lip. This can help doctors to plan the repair after birth.

3D baby scan can also be useful to look at the heart and other internal organs. As a result, some fetal medicine units do use 3d scans, but only when they're medically necessary.

The best time to have a 3D or 4D scan is when you're between 26 weeks and 30 weeks pregnant.

The stunning amount of surface detail rendered in the 4D images provides benefits for both the sonographer and mother-to-be. Due to the accuracy and visual precision of the images, it can be easier for the sonographer to pinpoint any irregularities and see the development of the baby’s body and organs. Often these can turn out to be nothing serious, as 3D and 4D scans pick up on many small details missed by regular ultrasounds, but this sort of diagnosis and checking up on the baby is nevertheless a valuable tool that maximizes safety.

Knowing the benefits of 3D and 4D baby scans, mothers and fathers should have no reservations in trying these tests. As parents, for sure you do not want to gamble the safety of your kid, especially while they are still in the womb. Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing the yawn or smile of your baby while still in the womb.